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We know the power of a place, we’ve felt it.

In 2010 ArchiPhonic Directors and Co-founders Adam Mokhtar and Dave Banister met while studying Architecture and Architectural Design at LJMU.

Although dedicated to a career in design, we were both bass guitarists with a sideline passion for live music. We pursued our musical ambitions alongside our studies and experienced first hand what it meant to create memories in spaces, performing separately in venues large and small across the country.

Creating Space For Memories

After the rock ‘n’ roll years, in 2012, ArchiPhonic was born. Our vision was clear – to establish an architectural design practice whose work was rooted in principles derived from music and committed to creating spaces where memories could come to life.

Scale, rhythm, proportion and communication all play a part in our architectural design process. Rhythm relates to the patterns that can be found in the shapes or structural elements in architecture, while the right proportions of materials in architectural design can create harmony and balance in a space, in the same way notes and intervals create harmony in music.

Turning Spaces into Places

Just as music conveys a particular experience or emotion to its listener and has the power to evoke memories, our buildings and designs communicate a particular use or experience of the space to its inhabitants, so they can fill it with memories and make it their place.

We remain true to these principles today, delivering sustainable residential projects with long-term functionality, harmonious spaces in the residential sector and a raft of music-based design projects, some of which you can see here.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we both still play bass.

ArchiPhonic Architectural Design Image