How To: Splitting Properties into Flats

ArchiPhonic Director, Adam Mokhtar, recently joined an expert panel to share the company’s significant expertise in splitting properties into flats. Adam joined Christopher Illingworth from FDR Law to discuss the topic at a recent Challis Property networking event with Natwest.

Essential Checks

Presenting to a packed room of investors and property professionals from across the North West, Adam highlighted the challenges and pitfalls that investors and developers often face when trying maximise space when splitting properties into flats and shared a list of essential preliminary checks.

Splitting Properties into Flats: Tricks of the Trade

He also shared some of the ways that investors and developers go wrong when splitting properties into flats, from cramming to over-design, before sharing some tricks of the trade that ArchiPhonic use to avoid these common pitfalls and ensure that they increase property density through considered design and ethical means.

These included effective use of light, introducing colour and greenery and sharing inexpensive yet functional design solutions aimed at maximising space and creating practical living spaces, illustrated by case studies such as its Brompton Avenue project – the conversion of 10 HMOs into six No. residential units (Brompton Avenue image courtesy of Archend Visuals – Architectural visualizations / CGI).

Applied Knowledge

After the event, Adam said: “Applied knowledge is far better than learning from mistakes, which can be a time consuming and costly approach. It’s also important to work closely with other professionals, legally and architecturally, to ensure you avoid expensive mistakes.

“Always look for opportunities to make space, do thorough research into all the opportunities but don’t cram as this will always be counter-productive. Above all, make sure you pay experienced professionals to do what they are best at, rather than taking chances yourself. The results will be faster, better and more profitable in the long run.”

Want to learn more about our experience in this area? Read our King Street case study, where we helped the owner create as much value from his site as possible, using ethical means and considered design.

To discuss splitting properties into flats and how ArchiPhonic can help you, why not contact us today?