Housing Scheme, Flintshire

Project Type: residential
Location: Flintshire, North Wales
Client: Commercial developers
Status: Awaiting discharge of planning conditions
Project Services: Planning Permission, Building Regulations, Construction Drawings, On-site Assistance

We were brought in to discharge some existing planning conditions and turn existing planning drawings, delivered by a previous supplier, into working technical drawings. The project is a residential scheme for 10 new three-bedroom houses in Flintshire, which is situated in a flood zone.

After taking the project on, with planning permission already in place, it became apparent that the original plans didn’t quite meet the needs of the intended end user. We have been working to modify the scheme to meet the end user requirements, while also making the project simpler to construct and maintain. We have also been looking to provide additional units on the site.

At present we are working hard to discharge the planning conditions, taking forward the original design and altering it to deliver a better solution for the client and end user, within the confines of the existing planning permission.

One of the modifications relates to the site’s location in a flood zone, which means the main living areas of the houses have to be raised substantially off the ground so they will be protected from a worse case severe flood.

The houses will be traditional in appearance and materials, in line with existing planning permission and the brief for a project that is simple to build, which will provide the end user with houses that are robust and easy to maintain.

We are currently continuing negotiations with the council to try to improve the scheme without submitting a new full planning application.