We offer a range of architectural design services, from planning permission and building regulations to on-site management. Our coordinated design approach is fully integrated, find out more below.

Our process follows eight key stages in sequence, but we know from experience that every client & project is unique. That’s why we take time to get to know you & your requirements. We’ll adapt our process to suit the project needs & timescales to ensure we deliver a high quality & coordinated design solution.

  • Before we develop the initial project brief we'll conduct one or a number of site evaluations and ask you questions about your business case so we can establish site viability and properly define the scope of the project. Once this is defined, we will undertake a feasibility study and pre-planning liaison and produce a document set containing the initial project brief, site information, initial feasibility ideas and sketch ideas.

  • The initial concept design is then produced in line with the requirements of the initial project brief, alongside project strategies such as sustainability and security. This information is then be used to compile the final project brief from which the initial stage technical drawings, which will be submitted for planning permission, are created. These drawings will be checked by the principal designer as part of our coordinated design approach. At this stage we'll also be able to provide an indication of costs.

  • Once planning permission is granted, we are then able to begin construction preparation. This includes applying for building regulation approval and the creation of the technical drawings that will become the project's 'construction information' and will be used on site to construct the building. At this stage, all design will be completed apart from any queries and changes arising from the site during construction stage. We'll also meet with our network of trusted suppliers and contractors to discuss the project and manage the tender process after we ask them to submit their prices.

  • Once the build is in progress, we provide robust construction phase management, spending time both on-site and also in off-site locations where design components are being fabricated. This ensures that any design queries from contractors are responded to quickly to avoid delays and that our high design and construction standards are being met.

  • With construction complete, we then facilitate a number of inspections and arrange the rectification of any defects, as well as updating all drawing specifications to 'as constructed information', allowing us to fulfil the Building Contract and handing over the building. With certain projects a final stage (a post-occupancy evaluation) may be added once the building is in use in order to evaluate its performance and take learnings for future projects.